Hansegret Corporation's primary divisions offer a truly world-beating suite of services, all aimed at improving lives through groundbreaking use of technology, science and innovation.


Encompassing pioneering medical research into genetic diseases, terminal illnesses and general health.


Architecture, design and fabrication of domestic, commercial and mixed-use environments.


Research, development and manufacture of cutting-edge technological solutions across all industries.


Theoretical and practical development & creation for on and off-planet transport, habitation and sustainability.

Our Vision
for The Future

We have a bold and positive approach to global issues in health, housing, technology and wellbeing..

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Without pioneers, we cannot achieve.

Hansegret Corporation aims to push the boundaries of modern science and technology, whatever it takes. It's our commitment to the world.

A brighter future requires bold innovation.

Across our business we challenge convention at every turn, to bring a more positive outcome for everyone.



Ann Waterman

Hansegret Lifesciences


Isabella Ratowski

Hansegret Lifesciences


Dr Alex January

Hansegret Lifesciences


John Howlett

Hansegret Construction

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If you can think it, you can achieve it. We're not afraid to challenge conventional thinking to achieve our goals, all in the name of the betterment of civilisation.

— Hansegret Corporation